Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is one of the most subtle of hands-on therapies. This unique, non-invasive approach uses a feather light touch to tune into the deepest levels of the human body, enabling the practitioner to sense the quality and vitality of the Vital Forces within the fluids. Using this “intelligent touch”, the body’s own inner healing forces are encouraged to come into play to facilitate changes in areas of pain or restriction, addressing a wide variety of chronic and acute conditions and inducing profound relaxation and increased vitality.

It helps to eases the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy and supports mum and baby in the weeks following birth. A healthy flow within the Craniosacral system can reduce fluid retention, relieve fatigue, re-balance the hormonal and nervous systems and help to avoid post natal depression. In stillness, you as a mother, can discover the power of your own body, connect more deeply to your baby and surrender to your own inner wisdom.

Early treatment for babies can gently help young bodies to resolve birth trauma soothing the symptoms of colic, fussiness, allergies, feeding and sleeping problems. Healthy, happy babies are more able to form strong emotional bonds, and to thereby realize their full potential.

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Clinic times:

Triyoga Chelsea  –  Monday 5-9pm

The Light Centre Belgravia – Wednesday 2-8pm

Home visits available on request –